Paper Love

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We dream of an ideal.

We pray, we call, we watch for him.

And then, the day it takes shape, we discover the fear of living it.

The fear that the other one goes away one morning, that he doesn’t remember. That of not being up to his own dreams.

Fear of simply admitting that to love is to become dependent, even for the most docile.

Then, the fear that everything stops. The fear of disappointing, no longer wanting each other. Fear of losing it all… And think about leaving before it’s too late. To abandon. To run away. Lie to yourself.

… remember all those stupid things!

Loving each other. Hating each other. Still being in love. Missing the other. Stronger love. Still missing the other. Being passionately in love…

So, once we realize how much we care about one another, it will take a place you could never imagine.

I love these indecent bravados where one evokes projects, watching the eyes of the other, on the lookout for a smile or a silence.

I love to feel your (tattooed) arms around me when I fall asleep, like my only cocoon that will make my dreams sweet.

I will be able to describe to you all that surrounds me, to tell you every minute of my days, just to keep talking to you. I could listen to you tell me everything around you, tell me every minute of your day, just to keep talking to me …

I guess your mischievous child eyes and I recognize your sweet smile.

I know your scars, your doubts and your fears. I know your fights, your victories and your ambitions.

You are now part of my daily life. You are the one. You are in me. I feel your strengths and weaknesses and I love their sweet balance.

Every morning when I get up, at each of your breaths when I watch you sleep, whenever your eyes cross mine or your hand serves mine; I understand why and how much I love you.

Because, of all this strength that you give me, your struggles, your memories, all the doubts that overcome, mine that you erase, your confidence, your sharing, your patience, all these past moments together, one close to the other; and then all these adventures, far from each other …

We have invented the most beautiful gift in the world: this incredible privilege to love and to be loved! So, let’s continue.


I love you … ♥

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