Are you planning your next adventure?  

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You’ve asked to have your days off, you have booked your tickets and reserved your dream villa? Great!  But… those are only the first steps!

One of the main questions when preparing a trip, if not the most important one that comes to mind for us ladies (and you too gentlemen, you’ve got to admit it!) is: what about the luggage?? 

First and foremost, what kind of luggage? Second, what size?  And last but not least: what do I put in it (queue the mental breakdown)???

So, before you do anything else, you need to decide what type of luggage will be the most appropriate for your adventure!

Do you bring a backpack or a suitcase?

There’s no secret here: it all depends on the type of travel you’ve got planned!

Ask yourself how you like to travel, what kind of traveller are you?



If you’re going on a trip around the country (or parts of it), hoping from one city to the other on public transport, you might want to consider bringing a backpack.   The good old way, backpacker style!

The backpack is the perfect option for the intrepid adventurer and curious explorer: easier to carry, your hands are free and it sits comfortably on your back (but be careful to respect the maximum weight and size for your height).

You will find it much easier to travel from A to B without having to drag a suitcase behind you, even one that has wheels, through blocked roads, on busy, damaged, or simply non-existent sidewalks… And don’t even get me started on stairs!

Keep in mind it is important to choose the right equipment! You might have to carry it on your back for extended periods of time, when you’re tired or sick, in cold or warm weather, come rain or shine and sometimes in crowded places… The keyword here is comfort!

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice to the shop assistant and make sure to try it on fully loaded before you buy it!



If your dream holidays look more like “far niente” by the side of the pool of a 5-star hotel… I mean, if you have decided to stay in one place for the duration of your stay and don’t intend to travel around much, then it’s time to dust off your favourite suitcase!


Personally, for travels of 1-week and over, we opt for the backpack as we like to move around and see different places during our stay.  But when it comes to weekend getaways, we’re more than happy to bring our good old suitcase along: smaller in size, it is more adapted to our needs.


Once you’ve identified the type of luggage you will need for your travel, the next big question is: which SIZE do I really need?! 

It’s usually a real conundrum, no matter where or how long you’re traveling!  Let’s be honest! We always find a good excuse to bring a larger luggage because “you never know” (or just because you want to have options…)!

Realistically, the length of your stay will be a key factor in the choice of your luggage. You won’t be packing the same things if you’re going away for a weekend or for a whole month! Just to give you an idea, it is recommended to bring with you a week’s worth of clothes, no matter how long you’re going away for. This is the lesson I learned from my past travels: a week’s worth of clothes, and that’s it!

The destination is another factor that should be considered when choosing your luggage!  If you’re traveling to a tropical climate, you are obviously not going to pack the same clothes that you would if you were going to a country with a cold climate! In saying that, keep in mind that if you intend to go hiking you might still need warm clothes, even if you’re going to a country with a warm weather (also check for rain season!).  Let’s not forget about one last factor that should be taken into account: equipment!

Depending on the activities you have planned, your interests and personal taste, you might need to pack some specific equipment.  For example, for those of you who are nature addicts and intend to go camping and hiking, you will have to bring with you a sleeping bag, a tent, a gas cooker, etc…  Or maybe you’re more of a creative type, a “memory maker”: all of the photographers and videographers out there, you know that cameras and other video equipment take a whole lot of space in a luggage, or even count as a luggage on their own (just like us) … When it comes to the fashionistas on the other hand, I’ll only have this to say: good luck! 😉


Once you have taken all of these parameters into consideration (luggage or backpack, size, duration of stay, destination and equipment) you’re ready to head to the shops and buy the best suited luggage for your next adventure!



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