Ali… & Inò

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I am…

Someone who has wit and character.

A creative person, both warm and mysterious. Who likes to act, take the lead while leaving others to do it too.Someone who likes to escape while knowing how to come back to reality. Who knows how to live in the moment but who also asks questions about the world.
Passionate about art (especially painting, drawing and photography), I am a curious person, who is eager to learn, who wants to evolve, who wants to rise.
A girl who knows how to stay simple.
A positive girl, both fragile and strong.
A woman who needs to be surprised, who wants to jump into the unknown …


My situation

Today (december 2015), I’m 28 years old .
I lived almost all my life in Poitiers (France).

I graduated at 21 (better late than never, huh!). In parallel, I already had a foot in the working world since I was 18 when I got a job as a barmaid by the sea.

Without knowing it, it was already the beginning of the Adventure!
Finally, after my baccalaureate, I continued as a barmaid for several years all over of France.
I met amazing people, telling me their own adventures sometimes from the other side of the world…
It is thanks to them, through their travelling stories, that I started to dream.

In 2011, when I returned to Poitiers. My creative and artistic sense pushed me towards other horizons, I resumed my education in interior design.

Three years later, i found myself as a spectator of my own life, and of others too …
Sometimes I am amazed at life but more often than not it’s the bullshit that I see!

I tried to appreciate the life that I lead and be grateful for what I had, But still for a while I had the desire to be somewhere else…


Then comes the year 2014! When Ali meets Inò! The fusion of two wandering souls with the traveling instinct! 😀

Desires, dreams to realize … Together ??!

Today is a chance to be able to embark on my adventures … or it is him who takes me on his?

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