Let’s talk about my passion!

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In this article, let’s talk about PASSION in a few words …

My passion for ART, is defined around 3 universes: painting, drawing and photography.



A few years ago, painting became a way to express my creative and imaginary senses. Painting for me is the opportunity to create, to imagine, to invent. It is a means of escape, of expression and also of sharing.

I have never learned any technique. I search, I discover and I test according to my desires. Sometimes I like using materials.

I find inspiration everywhere around me, starting from a simple drawing of a child, a graffiti in the street, a tag on a bench, a photo in a magazine or a chef of open in an exhibition … A sketch thrown on a sheet of paper or a memory buried in my heart …

The graphics, the colors, the contrasts, the curves make up my paintings, mostly abstract. Abstract art, I think, has the privilege of capturing an emotion at a given moment (like a photograph) and often keeps a mysterious side that everyone is free to interpret in his own way.



Drawing is an art I’m still taming. I like to spend hours (and nights sometimes) to sketch some plans, to sketch new ideas, to test different techniques …

And even if I was attracted by this universe very young, I am just beginning to master it. This is the universe in which I immerse myself when I feel inspired when I can’t paint.

Most of the time, I train while doing reproduction but, more and more, I like to bring my own stroke of pencil to an idea … One day maybe, I will take classes to improve myself, I would like that.



Photography has always been fascinating. Already when I was a kid but it developed when I was a teenager. My first digital camera was a Christmas present when I was 15 years old with which I already had fun as to freezing time …

I’m still a beginner in this area but I’m fascinated by the idea of capturing a moment. When I think about it, my passion for photography certainly started when my father showed me old photos of his childhood with a feeling of nostalgia and a captivating emotion that still touches me today …

I’d like to think that photography, is to capture a moment and touch the infinite! Because it’s a moment that will not come back. A moment that belongs only to you. I feel more this emotion since I started travelling around the world, I like to photograph people’s eyes on life, their country, their culture … and I like it probably because I am very sensitive too!



And you, do you have a passion? No??

But sure, you do!! Maybe you don’t have a passion yet or maybe you don’t do the necessary to have one …

The lack of curiosity, the lack of perseverance and self-discipline or simply laziness can prevent you from finding your passion but it is impossible not to have one!!

Ask yourself what did you like to do when you were little, teen? What activity makes you lose the notion of time? Is there an activity you would like to do more often? What would you do if you were rich (and I didn’t say, what would you stop doing!)?

See, you have almost found one!! 😀

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